The 6 most common one arm row mistakes and how to rectify them to build a stronger back!

Chances are you have done (or are currently doing) a one arm dumbbell row.


This is great compound exercise for building your back… However, it’s likely you are feeling this more in your arms instead.


In fact, it’s rare to see this exercise performed correctly and have people fatiguing the target muscles of the back instead of their arms.


Worse yet, you can wind up badly injured if your form is not up to scratch with your one arm rows (trust me – I’ve popped a disc in my lower back doing a row the wrong way…it’s not fun!)


There are 6 mistakes that you need to look out for to ensure your safety with this exercise, as well as to ensure you make it an effective back (not arm) exercise. 


I’ve put these mistakes together along with how to correctly perform the one arm row in my latest short video which you can check out by clicking >>HERE


Get this exercise right and it is one of the best! Get it wrong, and you could turn it into one the worst!


Rowing exercises are foundational to any strength training program and you need to do these… the right way!


So be sure to check out this video now and get it right! Again, click >>HERE to see where you’re likely going wrong and recourse your rows!


– Michael

Performance Revolution


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