If you have trouble with working your butt then you definitely need to check out the instructional video below and start doing some single leg glute bridges today. During this video, we will cover some of the common mistakes people make whilst performing this exercise and how to rectify them.


Instructional Transcript:

Correct Performance:

  1. Lay flat on your back with one leg out straight and the other leg bent. Make sure you position the planted leg so it is not at too obtuse an angle otherwise you will start to activate the hamstrings instead of the glutes
  2. Whilst contracting your abs, drive through the heel of your bent leg and drive your hips towards the ceiling until there is a straight line formed between the knee and shoulder of the working leg.
  3. Keep the non-working leg straight and in alignment with your torso throughout the whole movement
  4. Lower yourself under control and back to the starting position in a similar fashion to the way you came up


The 2 most common mistakes to avoid whilst performing a single leg glute bridge are as follows:

  1. There is no full hip extension at the top of the movement on the working leg side. This mistake can be clearly seen when there is an absence of a straight line between the knee and the shoulder of the working leg. When there is a lack of full hip extension like this, it usually means that the glutes are not firing optimally. It could also be a sign that your hip flexors are too tight and that you are not contracting your abs properly during the movement
  2. There is swinging the non-working leg and use of momentum to bridge up. This motion takes the work and force production of the movement away from the glutes. As is seen in the videos that follow, the non-working leg can placed in different positions as long as it is kept still throughout the movement. The more bend there is in the non-working leg, and the closer it is to the torso, the less leverage there will be and the easier the glute bridge will become. On the other hand, the straighter the non-working leg is and the farther it is from the torso, the harder the glute bridge will be.


Points to Remember:

  1. Have Full Hip Extension
  2. Don’t swing the non-working leg


I hope you learnt a lot from this video and you are now able to recruit your glutes better whilst performing a single leg glute bridge. If you haven’t subscribed to our Youtube channel then you are missing out – subscribe now. This month we’ve reached 75000 views on YouTube and counting. Thank you to all our viewers for your continual support. Click Here to subscribe.