I’ve noticed a growing trend towards people purporting the following myth when it comes to body recomposition and I thought I would share it with you:

“You just need a performance goal with your training and the body composition results will take care of themselves”

So why is this a myth and why does it matter?

For start, let’s look at this more logically.

If it was true that you don’t need to worry about your nutrition and all you simply need is to have a performance goal (whether it be in a sport, in the gym, or anyway else) to make you look the way that you want to, then why do professional athletes have an assigned dietitian who advises how to cut excessive weight or build muscle in the off-season?

Sure you might get bigger shoulders as a swimmer and most swimmers have bigger backs and shoulders, however if a swimmer had an eating disorder and did not eat enough calories to support their training and recovery, do you really think they will look more and more like a swimmer over time?

And this is the fundamental part that most miss when it comes to exercise and body composition – training may create demand for calories and nutrients, but it does not supply those calories and nutrients – this comes from food.

It might seem basic, but it’s surprising how many people overlook this principle and blindly follow exercise programs and routines promising to “burn fat” and “build muscle” with no emphasis on nutrition.

Many ‘influencers’ do this too but in a more veiled way by recommending various exercises for fat loss and muscle gain.

The truth is that you cannot lose fat unless you’re in a calorie deficit.

Also, you cannot build muscle unless you’re in a calorie surplus.

If there is no calorie deficit, the best workout in the world won’t help you drop those pounds

If there is no calorie surplus, good luck growing and developing with no building blocks!

The saying that you can’t out-train a bad diet certainly rings true here!

Eating whichever way you want might work for a little while and up to a certain point, but over time, this seriously limits how much you can directly influence your body composition and shape.

Calories in versus calories out always reigns supreme!

So the next time someone advertises a program, an exercise, a sport, or any other activity with the promise of body composition change without any dietary intervention, tell them what I just told you or politely send them my way 🙂

That’s all for today, if you’re interested trialling a program that includes the personal help of both a qualified Trainer AND a Dietitian to transform your body, then simply send me a message (+61404921125) with the word ‘INFO’ and I will share with you an information doc about our athletic body recomposition program and how you can trial this risk-free (money back guaranteed) today!

– Michael

Performance Revolution