I recently did a complete tutorial on an awesome movement for strengthening and protecting your shoulders – the Face Pull exercise (if you haven’t seen this, you can check it out by clicking >>HERE).


I had some good feedback and requests from this one – in particular a concise ‘Tips List’ for executing this often-butchered exercise.


I’ve followed up on this and decided to deliver to you a concise >>60 sec video to help remind you of what you need to do when executing this great exercise for your shoulders AND posture. 


You can check out the video now by clicking >>HERE

If you follow the cues in this quick video, you will both build and protect your shoulders…whist also alleviating the hunched posture you’re likely slipping into as you read this – now get to it💪


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you’re struggling with strengthening your shoulders or you’re having a hard time with your hunch (and its associated pain symptoms), then here’s my phone number – +61404921125 – message me and let’s fix it👍