Protein-Only Diets: Shortcut to Lean or Path to Peril?

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have experimented with MANY diets in my lifetime.


This isn’t because I’m a yo-yo dieter and can’t stick to something longer term. (sometimes I’ve actually stuck to diets for TOO LONG)


No, I do these experiments because I like to put things to the test and assess their validity.


I like to see whether experience backs up various dietary claims and also see how the body reacts.


This also gives me plenty of insights to share with clients too.


…particularly the ones who are unsure about what sort of nutritional approach they should adopt.


In the noisy world of nutrition, it’s often hard to distinguish fact from fiction.


Many different “gurus” incessantly rant about how their approach is best.


Yet, many of these people have never tried any other dietary approaches beyond their own.


In fact, a lot of them are either ‘textbook coaches’ or they’ve just stumbled on an approach that was better than their previous diet of processed food.


(*Hint: you will feel better on any diet that isn’t loaded with processed “food”)


The other end of the spectrum to a see-food diet (you “see food” and you eat it) is a strict elimination diet.


I recently did one of these but it was different in that I eliminated all but one macronutrient – protein.


That’s right, I eliminated carbs and fat and followed a protein-only diet for a month while I was leaning right down.


Apart from thinking I’m crazy, you probably now have these questions on your mind;


What sort of results are obtained on a diet like this?


Is it dangerous to consume just one macronutrient?


Why did you only do it for a month?


I reveal the answers to all these questions (and more) in my latest >>video on the topic.


I’m not the first person to do a ‘protein-only diet’, nor is it my first time doing it.


Bodybuilders have been successfully using this kind of diet for decades to get super lean before competitions.


It’s definitely the hardest diet I’ve ever tried – practically, mentally, and physically.


All other diets I have tried have been mixed macro. None have required  just living off of one macronutrient.


But even if you’re not looking to follow a protein-only diet (nor am I suggesting you should), I can guarantee you something;


If you watch my >>video, you won’t just learn what happens on a protein-only diet.


…you will also learn a tonne about protein in general.


Yep, you will learn stuff that less than 1% of people know about this macronutrient.


No matter what diet you follow, the info in this >>video is VERY applicable.


Because protein can not only make you leaner, it can also make you FATTER too.


If you don’t want to be in the latter category, I suggest you watch my video and get up to speed on protein.


Click >>HERE for the video.


– Michael

Protein Pioneer


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