Push-ups Are Easy Right? Wrong! You’re likely making one of these critical mistakes…

From school fitness tests to fitness bootcamps, push-ups have been used for a VERY long time as an easy go-to-exercise for many coaches and fitness enthusiasts alike.

With this broad application, it is often assumed that this exercise is easy, often executed correctly, and can be done by just about anyone…

I mean if you’re not struggling to get your chest off the floor in any way possible, it can be assumed that you need a harder version of the push-up to make you work harder – right?

…Not to mention those fitness tests that get you to push out maximum reps at high velocity over a certain time period.

With this all-too-common approach, it is easy to see how push-up technique gets thrown by the wayside, and an effective movement for your upper body turns into a momentous and frantically executed exercise.

With you knowing all this, I can say with confidence that you have likely developed some bad push-up mistakes along the way and that you’re not getting the large benefits associated with perfect push-up form.

However, it’s not too late to change and start to learn the best way to do push-ups. 

In my latest >>video, I go over all the common mistakes to look for (and what you can do to rectify them) so you don’t expend anymore wasted energy on something that is likely doing you more harm than good in its current condition.

We will slow this movement down, weed out your errors one-by-one, and lead you towards a perfect push-up that is much better for your joints AND your time invested in this exercise.

But, if you’re asking for shoulder, elbow, wrist, or neck trouble, then no problem – simply continue as you are.

On the flipside, if you would rather preserve and actually strengthen these joints (along with better developing muscle and strength in your upper body), then take a few mins out of your day to know how to do this exercise right! In doing so, it will vastly improve the hours you have been throwing away at poorly executed push-ups.

Watch this >>video now to do way with bad push-up habits and start building a pain-free, highly effective, upper body exercise that will put respect back where it should be.

– Michael

Performance Revolution

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