Q&A on Supps, Split Squats, and Nutrient Loss

Lately I’ve been getting some good questions on the Performance Revolution Youtube channel.


Really good questions in fact.


Some of these questions you may have even thought of yourself at some stage.


…while there are others you likely have not but you probably should have.


Questions like… 


“Do stronger split squats improve conventional squats?”


“Can you mix vitamins and minerals into cooked food?”


“What is to make of funky smelling supplement powders…if anything?”


In my latest Q&A >>video, I answer questions like these and I also reveal why I don’t eat boiled eggs or ‘well done’ steaks.


The answers will likely surprise you. 


Click >>HERE to watch the concise video or save it for later.


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Talk soon,



Q&A Quality Assurance Officer

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