Quick & Sexy Upper Body Warm Up + Posture Routine

Let’s start with a ‘not so fun-fact’

All that desk-riding, keyboard pounding, phone scrolling, and screen seeing in-activity you do, starts to show… and it’s not very sexy.

I mean apart from your predisposition to jelly babies and other candy crap you have at your desk, there is a more sinister urge adding to your desk-life look.

Do you know what it is? My guess is that you probably have a hunch 😉 (insert lame dad joke)


Yep, the hunched upper back, slumped shoulders, and the turkey neck you have developed comes from what you do most – sitting on your date and looking at screens (including windscreens!).


No, your shoulder and neck issues likely didn’t happen in the gym….but that is where you bring them to.


The truth is that you likely spend most of your day slumped and staring at something…and you then bring that un-sexy look to the gym where you load it – twang!


Next thing you know, you’re in so much pain that you can’t even sit through just one episode of Married At First Sight without feeling the pain.


So what do you do to prevent this?


Well for a start you need to find some better shows… or better still put a home gym in front of your TV. 


The next best thing is to DO MY LATEST UPPER BODY MOBILITY & STABILITY ROUTINE – THAT’S WHAT YOU DO! (I hope that alone erected your hunch somewhat)


Not only will this >>routine be great for the days you’re fixated on your screens, it will also make those upper body workouts of yours more effective, pain-free, and of course – sexy!


So, if you’re ready to look sexy again and not so much like an old medieval church bell ringer, then be sure to do this quick and effective  >>Upper Body Mobility and Stability Routine …. TODAY! (erect posture cue)


Click >>HERE to watch this short video now!


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– Michael

Performance Revolution