Revealed: Why ‘Everything is falling apart’ in your body

If you’re anything like me, you have experienced times when it feels like everything you do seems to hurt, and it’s one problem after another in your body.

Maybe it’s a slight back pain for you,…that turns into a hip issue…then you strain a shoulder… and not long after knee pains start to arise.

Is it just bad luck and coincidental that everything has gone bad for you all at once?

This might surprise you but when it comes to people, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Unless you were mangled in a wreck, your body shouldn’t all of a sudden feel a plethora of pains… that is unless there are some big underlying issues.

It’s sort of like my first car – from the time I bought it, I progressively drove it faster, further and harder – all without doing too much maintenance work.

It drove well for a while and then it had a problem… then another problem…that caused another problem – and before not too long I had a lemon! 

Over time, I failed to pay my proper dues and all of a sudden, many MAJOR problems started to happen.

Meanwhile, I told my friends never to buy Hyundai as it was a bad omen… that’s until I read the car maintenance log (which was blank!)

At first, I had little problems with small debt that I had to pay… Now I had BIG Problems and BIG Debt that I had to pay!

This is similar to how most of us treat our bodies – we push them harder, faster, and further without doing any of the required maintenance work

It all seems fine and rosy for a while, and then one day you get pain and problem, then shortly after another… and another!

The only bad thing about your body is that you can’t trade it in like a car for a new one or sell it (well you can do the latter, but you don’t want to do that)

Instead, you have to bite the bullet, do all required maintenance work, and pay off your debt

Are you in debt to your body?

How big is that debt?

If you don’t have any glaring pains, injuries, or other seemingly obvious signs then dwell on this:

? When you press on muscles on various muscles around your body, do they feel solid and sore all the time? This is NOT normal – your muscles should feel soft, easily palpable, and fleshy – not rock hard (Red Alert!)

? Do you feel pain in the same joints all the time– this is NOT normal – your joints are designed to move without pain (Red Alert!)

? Do you feel stiffness and restriction in various movements and ranges of motion you once found easy? This is NOT normal – you should be able to move freely throughout many large ranges of motion without impediment (Red Alert!)

These are some of the questions you ignore until you finally go to that yoga class, get that massage, or for many of us – get that injury!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the 3 questions above, it means you are doing too much tension-producing work (strength, speed, cardio, and stress!) and not doing enough tension-reducing work (stretching, soft tissue work, movement restoration, and relaxation!).

The good news is though that you can pay off the debt and get your body back – the body is an amazing adaptive machine – if you will let it be!

Too many people are doing maintenance-level mobility and flexibility work when they haven’t paid off their debt. 5-10mins of light stretching here and there and rolling up and down a roller for a few mins WILL NOT CUT IT!

How do you know how much is enough? It’s simple – until your answers to the 3 questions above start to improve.

What is a practical way of implementing this for your situation? This depends on the intensity and amount of training you do… and as a result, how ‘tense’ your body becomes. 

A good starting point is to consider the ratio of tension-producing activities you do, versus the tension-reducing activities you do.

You might be required to do a ratio of tension-reducing to tension-producing work of 2:1, then 1.5:1, then 1:1, then 0.5:1. In fact, maintenance can even get lower than 0.5:1 if you know what you are doing and progress well over time.

If you find yourself needing to do an hour or more per day of tension-reducing work to get a better outcome – then do it!  It won’t be that way forever, but you need to pay off the debt first.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will get better. If you don’t, you know the inevitable outcome – which is why you are reading this in the first place


Are you sick of your body breaking down and falling apart? 

Tired of the injuries, pains, and constant problems? 

Feel like you need some guidance, support, and accountability to get out of this bad cycle? 

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