Yet Another Quick & Sexy Upper Body Warm Up Routine

I know what you’re saying – “Another upper body mobility and stability routine!”


Well spare a thought for what I have to tell myself – “how many times do I have to slap these meatheads in the face with a new routine to get their attention?”


….It’s like that impatient microwave that won’t stop beeping until you pull your food out… it’s not like your dish will get 10 degrees colder every 10 more seconds it’s left in there and the damn thing beeps.


This >>Routine actually requires urgency though, because the main difference is that you are leaning 10 degrees further into your screens each day and starting to look like and feel like the desk chair you park your ass in for the better part of your life.


There are some ways out of this predicament though.


The first option (far easier than you think) is to quit your day job – don’t make it complicated – just leave the following post it note on your desk: “I Quit” ….then surreptitiously proceed to sneak into the lift, fist pump the car park button, and speed off when those boom gates of heaven open.


I mean who are we to be chained to our desk with little petitioned dividers that implicitly tell us that this is our realm of experience and our environment as a human being for 40+ hours of our week?! 


…Reducing us humankind to get well dressed and presentable each day… only to sit at a desk and lock our eyes at a desktop computer that’s only resemblance to the real world being some ‘company friendly’ wallpaper in the background.   


Who came up with this BS concept!? Who is this black sparrow?!



However, if you are a bit of a sicko, and somehow find frequent trips to a vending machine and water cooler an enjoyable part of your mostly cyborg lifestyle, then here are some tips to keep that machine going – so you can do more of what you like – sitting at a desk, staring at a screen… 


Yes, with this quick and effective routine, we are going to make your upper body feel amazing and have you looking prettier than ever while you sit in that wheelie chair of yours. 


Those seat sores and pains in your neck and shoulders will soon become a distant memory.

…Not to mention improve those workouts in the gym you should be doing – you know the ones that are a true self-expression of what a human body is actually meant to do – yeah those!


So sit up straight for once and pay attention for the next 60 seconds! 


Actually, better still, get out of your ass-imprint for a change and mimic this exact >>routine.


People in the office might think you’re strange for doing so – but you and I both know that a monkey chained to a chair who accepts 40 years of this pain-filled, lifeless lifestyle that is devoid of human expression is the real weirdo.


Power to you too! It is you who will then be able to sit through your day smiling like a Cheshire cat while the other baboons across from you are still dreaming of their next trip painful to the fridge or photocopier for what they call “exercise”


So the choice is yours and you have two clear options – either quit your job or do my latest and greatest >>Upper Body Mobility and Stability Routine RIGHT NOW!


Click >>HERE to watch (and imitate) this short routine.


Because frankly, I’m sick of you looking and feeling like your desk chair… and all the real and imagined pain that comes with that.


Now get to it!

– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you’ve got a stiff neck, rolled shoulders, an accentuated spine, or your workouts simply aren’t working for you right now, then here’s my number – +61404921125 – message me and let’s dissect what’s going on and get you progressing nicely again – pain-free!👍