You really have just two options…

Did you take my advice from a little while ago?


…You know – the message where I told you to leave an “I QUIT” post-it note on your desk for your boss because you were tired of being a hunched-over, stiff, and dejected monkey chained to a chair for 40+ hours per week?


Yes, that’s right! Sitting is the new smoking!


Most of that neck, shoulder, and even elbow pain you suffer can have its origin traced back to all that sitting and staring at screens that you do.


If you feel you can’t get out of this though and don’t have the mental fortitude to leave your boss that post-it note in order to live a life that is not devoid of human self-expression, than there is one other option:




Yep, it’s the next best thing to quitting your job AND you can do it quickly before your training or while you’re at work!


Yes, get out of your chair and your ass-imprint for a change, and mimic this exact >>routine today!

Click >>HERE for my latest and greatest >>Upper Body Mobility and Stability Routine and stop looking like the furniture you chain yourself to.

– Michael

Performance Revolution


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