Shoulders & Arms Phase 6 Complete Workout

New Workout Video! >> Shoulders & Arms Workout Program Phase 6 – the final phase is here! 

Congratulations if you’ve made it through this far 💪

This workout utilises challenging joint angles to produce greater overload and stimulus to the target areas.

Why is this important?

Most people go into the gym and look to make their exercises easier.

They exploit their mechanical advantages by using undemanding joint angles, easier versions of an exercise, and less range of motion.

Ego is the usual culprit here – more weight, more muscle, right?

…not necessarily

It’s not so much the load that matters when it comes to building muscle – it’s how much stress is applied to it.

In other words, it’s best not to look for advantages to exploit with your exercises – instead it’s best to look for DISADVANTAGES to exploit.

Yep, that means making the exercise harder – not easier.

This >> Phase 6 Routine will do all this on your behalf.

If you’re looking to really develop your shoulders and arms with challenging exercises, then make sure you give this >> Phase 6 Workout a crack today!

Click >>HERE for the workout video and start building stronger, more muscular, and symmetrical shoulders and arms today!

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