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Shoulders & Arms Program – Phase 1

This Program aims to develop the shoulders & arms from every angle. We will introduce you to some familiar (and not so familiar exercises) for developing these body parts. The program is designed in a systematic way with the aim of not only enhancing strength and muscularity, but also creating balance and preventing injury around the involved joints. A PDF link to the program has been provided below. If you are unfamiliar with our program formatting, it is advised the you first read the definitions/abbreviations and program walk-through that is included. All exercises have a technique description and video demo which is viewable by clicking the associated thumbnail pictures or referring to the uploads provided on the blog post. If you’re looking for a comprehensive shoulders and arms routine, this is for you! Give the program a go and we welcome your feedback.

pdf iconPhase 1 – Shoulders & Arms Program

S&A - phase 1

A:1 – Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Unsupported

A:2 – Bent-Over Dumbbell Reverse Flies



A:3 – Bent-arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise



A:4 – Barbell Front Raises



B:1 – Alternating Dumbbell Incline Curls



B:2 – Cable Tricep Kickbacks



C:1 – Reverse Grip EZ Bar Drag Curls



C:2 – Standing Mid-pulley Tricep Pushdowns – straight bar, overhand grip


D – No Money’s – resistance band

We would love to hear your feedback on the program. Once you have completed Phase 1 of the Shoulders & Arms Program, send an email to info@performancerevolution.com.au titled ‘Shoulders & Arms Phase 2’ with your feedback and request the next phase of this program.