Split Training vs Full Body Workouts – Which is Better?

The strength training landscape is more saturated than ever.


There’s a myriad of training splits, programs, and plans out there.


…along with countless opinions on which ones get the best results.

It’s likely that you’ve heard of many of these program formats yourself:


‘Upper-Lower’, ‘Full Body’, ‘Push-Pull’, ‘Body Part Splits’, and the list goes on….


This might seem good from a variety standpoint.


…BUT, it does not tell you anything about which format is best for getting you results.


And perhaps you are uncertain of which training program delivers the best gains? 


If you are, then you’re not alone.


It’s a sad fact, but many people waste A LOT of time and effort in the gym.


This is because they are following the wrong program structure.


BUT, instead of overwhelming you with more options, I decided to make a >>video. 


…a video that will provide you with answers. 


In fact, this video will give you the tools to critically evaluate any program on the market.


You will discover the best building muscle and strength program format for YOU.


…and you will also learn how to avoid muscle imbalance and injury too!


This way you can achieve the best results possible from the time and effort you invest in your training


…WITHOUT getting hurt.


Some things you will also discover in this video include:

  1. The 3 Key Variables you need to consider in your program 
  2. The main differences between common workout formats and which one is best
  3. How to determine your level of advancement and training frequency
  4. A different way of thinking about workout programs entirely


Are you ready to stop wasting your time on the wrong program and instead maximise your results?


If so, then click >>HERE and watch this video today.


…or at the very least, save it for later.


– Michael

Proper Program Propagator


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