Step Up Your Step Ups

Do you use single-leg exercises to develop your legs?


If not, you should!


It’s likely you have a strength imbalance between legs that needs balancing out.


It’s also likely that lunges and split squats are the first exercises that come to mind as a remedy.


There is nothing wrong with these exercises – they’re great for your legs and I’m a big fan of them.


One exercise that goes under the radar though, is the Step Up.


No, I’m not talking about the aerobics style one you see people pumping out in an 80’s style group fitness class.


I’m talking about a strict and truly single-leg step up.


Step Ups are a great exercise because they allow you to greatly vary the exercise height.


This allows you to work many of the leg muscles through a far greater range of motion than with other exercises.


There is only one catch though. 


Step Ups are actually a very challenging exercise when executed correctly.


Most people butcher this movement with a few common mistakes.


Mistakes that can and should be corrected.


…if you know how.


Most people don’t and that’s why I made my latest short >>Video.


I go over the biggest Step Up mistakes and how to correct them.


This way you can step up your Step Ups and get the maximum benefit from this exercise.


…With the added advantage of not looking stupid in the gym 😉


Click >>HERE to check out my short video now.



Step Up Specialist

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