One Popular Back Exercise You Don’t Want To Get Wrong

What do you get when you combine your ego with bad form in the gym?


In the following >>popular exercise, worst case you can get a slipped disc in your back, best case you will get no stimulation to the target muscles AT ALL.


Sounds like Lose-Lose doesn’t it?


HOWEVER, if you apply the correct form and the tweaks I’m about to show you, you can turn a dangerous and silly looking exercise into one of the absolute best exercises for building your back!


What’s the secret/s?


Find out in this concise >>60 sec video …and avoid further embarrassment (ego-lifting guys especially need to take note here!)


If you take these tips on board, you will start to feel your back muscles work like never before! (in a good way!)


Click >>HERE to see what I mean.


– Michael

Performance Revolution

P.S. Have some more questions about other back exercises you may be struggling with like Pull-ups, Rows, and others? Or maybe your back is not strong enough or lagging behind? If this sounds like you, then send me a message with the words ‘BETTER BACK’ (+61404921125) and I will seek to give you some answers 💪