Here’s why you need creatine and here’s how you should take it

Creatine is arguably one of the best muscle building and performance supplements.


It’s backed by plenty of real-world results and a tonne of research. 


 …Most of which is around its VERY positive effects on body composition and performance. 


And no, creatine is not a drug and nor is it harmful.


It also has ZERO side effects when taken correctly.


This isn’t hard to believe when you realise that creatine is naturally found in your body.


The thing is most of us don’t get anywhere near enough creatine in our diet.


In fact, to get the standard serve to top-up your muscular stores, you would need to consume a few kilograms of meat each day! 


If not for the obvious performance and body composition benefits, why does a gym-rat like me take creatine?


No, it’s not because its cheaper than other over-hyped supplements 


…although that is a great perk!


The main reason I take creatine will likely surprise you. 


I explain why in my most recent sub-60 second >>video.


I also explain the right way to take it so that it’s actually absorbed by your body


(hint: just about everybody online tells you the wrong way)


Click >>HERE for the video to find out why I take creatine (and talk incessantly about it).


…and don’t discount the difference creatine can make.


– Michael

Creatine Campaigner


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