Targeted Training OR Disproportional Dysfunction?

It’s not unusual to see people targeting certain areas of their body with their training. 


Some prevalent examples that come to mind are;


  1. Guys aiming for bigger shirt muscles (chest and biceps)


  1. Ladies looking for a rounder booty.


What is the reasoning behind these proclivities?


I usually hear that it’s to “bring up” certain areas or fixing “lagging” parts.


This reasoning seems reasonable with a justifiable course of action.


But, there is a distinct problem – many people go too far!


They try and “hit” an area “hard” and don’t know how to balance the rest of their training over time.


I’ve done this myself in the past while trying to overgrow my chest and build a big bench press.


Perhaps you can relate too in your own way?


Do you “target” certain areas and body parts?


Do you look to “bring up” areas to accentuate their appearance?


Do you feel that some areas always “lag” behind and always need more attention than others?


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Stagnation, imbalance, and injury is likely just around the corner for you (if you’re not there already!)


This topic is SUPER important, and a lot of people get it dead wrong!


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– Michael

Holistic Hitman 

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