Team Members

Michael Hermann

Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritionist.

Michael Hermann is the Founder and Director of Performance Revolution, a company dedicated to helping people reach their physical potential. Michael began his career foremost as a trainer and strength & conditioning coach, accruing over 10,000 hours of practical experience. His clientele ranges from everyday people with health and body composition goals to national level athletes looking to enhance performance.

In addition to his hands on experience, Michael is an author and contributing writer for popular fitness magazines and blogs. He also uses his skills and experience to mentor and lecture other aspiring trainers at various Australian colleges and institutions.

If you are looking for someone who will get you leaner, stronger and more athletic, Michael will push your limits and guide you to the results you crave.

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Carla Finch

ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist,

Carla Finch is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist, currently undertaking her masters in Exercise Physiology. As well as a solid educational background Carla has had hands on industry experience for the past 5 years, coaching in various modalities of training ranging from Olympic lifting to pre-hab/rehabilitation programming. Coach Carla takes the preventive approach to health and is passionate about transitioning her clients to optimal function and performance.

Carla is a big believer in having a positive mindset and empowers her clients to improve their quality of life through training, and nutrition. If you're after a professional coach who will get you functioning and feeling your best - opt for Coach Carla

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Dylan Jones

Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Specialist

Dylan Jones is a Registered Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Specialist. His educational background includes degrees in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology & Metabolism.

In addition to his strong educational foundation, Dylan also possesses vast practical experience in his fields - working in hospitals, weight loss centers, medical facilities and with competitive athletes.

Dylan is passionate about viewing food as medicine and relying on daily exercise for wellbeing. So much so, that he currently runs a clinical Bariatric program to educate and provide nutritional and lifestyle solutions for diabetics.

Dylan’s comprehensive education and expanded practical background make him a highly sought after and integral member of the Performance Revolution team. If you are seeking someone who will go outside of the ineffective and boring with your nutrition whilst still enhancing your performance and your body, look no further than Dietitian Dylan

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*we don't share your personal details with anyone