Keeping tabs on drinks but not losing fat? Here is the real reason why.

Do you drink alcohol in moderation? 


You know – sticking to the health guidelines and only have a dozen or so standard drinks per week?


If so, it’s likely that you’re a bit mystified at times about why your body doesn’t seem to lose fat despite eating less?


This might seem especially strange if you factor in the Calories of your alcoholic drinks.


…Or is this occurrence actually not that strange at all?


If you listen to every fitness influencer on social media, they will tell you that you can still lose fat while you drink.


…as long as you’re in a “Calorie deficit”.


That is, by subtracting the amount of alcohol and its Calories from a daily Caloric food target.


Seems logical right?


Well, there are several major flaws in this way of thinking.


Apart from the fact, that the whole premise is false. 


(Energy Balance DO NOT govern body composition change – Mass Balance Does).


There are a few major characteristics of alcohol consumption and energy metabolism missing here.


Characteristics that many people are completely oblivious to.


These make up what I call ‘The Alcohol-Fat Loss Paradox’.


I made a short 60 second video about this concept which you can watch >>HERE  


When you discover these attributes of alcohol, you will soon realise why you often don’t lose fat.


even when drinking in moderation. 


Yep, even when you do the whole Calories-In-Calories-Out (CICO) equation. 


To overcome the perplexities and frustration, click >>HERE for the short 60 sec video.


And if you need some REAL and EFFECTIVE ways to minimise fat gain and muscle loss when drinking?


…ones that go beyond CICO?


Then be sure to watch my other video on this topic by clicking >>HERE.  


– Michael

Alcohol Assailant

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