The Best Exercise For Stubborn (Side) Shoulders

If you’re shoulders are stubborn, weak, and/or under-developed, then you’re not alone.


I struggled with not only shoulder strength but also injuries for a long time myself.


Training your shoulders to not only get stronger but also more resilient to injury is usually a matter of delicate balance.


The shoulder is a complex joint requiring a lot of stability and symmetry around how you train it.


There is one particular area (and movement) that often gets under-trained or ill-trained that is very telling of how your shoulder training will go.


Yes, I’m talking about your lateral delts (or side shoulders in more visual terms).


Leaving this area unchecked will not only make your upper body look silly, it will also lead to muscular imbalances, stalling strength, and the possibility of injury.


If you’ve been struggling to train your side shoulders (or don’t even know how to do some good exercises for this area) then this new short >>video is for you!


I give you tips on how to do my favourite side shoulder exercise correctly and effectively.


With its unique technique and range of motion overload, this exercise is like none other in its category!


In essence, this exercise FORCES you to feel the target area.


Click >>HERE to see why/how, and start building better shoulders TODAY!


– Michael

Performance Revolution

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