Some exercises are just better than others – period!


When it comes to building your core, this is DEFINETLY the case!


There is no shortage of core exercises out there – you see them everywhere online and I can personally say I have filmed hundreds of them for my client exercise demo library.


However, of all the exercises out there, there are a few that stand tall and are VERY effective!


These few exercises are not only very effective because they build a solid core, but also because they greatly contribute to performing other exercises properly such as push ups, planks, handstands, levers, and more.


One thing I’ve learnt too over many years of training, is that there is always a regression for exercises that seem difficult to execute.


Sometimes we can get disheartened and say to ourselves “I will never be able to do that!”


However, the only thing we are actually missing is just a more simple  regression or stepping stone to the goal exercise.


In the following sub-sixty second >>video, I reveal my favourite core exercise and also some others that are right up there!


And the best part about these exercises is that I have included all the regressions and progressions for you – ones I’ve put together in a systematic and progressive fashion through trial and error, injury and heartbreak over MANY years! 


This way, you won’t have to beat yourself up about them and waste your time.


Click >>HERE to see my favourite core exercises and start building yourself a rock-hard core TODAY! 


All the tools are there, all you have to do is execute… oh and watch the demos, read the descriptions, and ‘like’ videos 😉


– Michael

Performance Revolution

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