This is NOT another diet, supplement, exercise method, or lifestyle “hack”.

“What is the best way to lose weight?”


This has likely been a question on your mind at some stage.


It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked as a coach, and it never seems to lose popularity. 


It’s certainly the question on the mind of everyone who is looking for the best fat loss program or diet to follow.


Granted, it seems smart and logical – to lose the most amount of weight, it makes sense that you follow a great plan. 


However, my answer on the best way to lose weight is a bit different. 


To answer this question, first ask yourself this;


“If you had the opportunity to undo three stupid eating habits in your life, how much leaner and healthier do you think you would be right now?”


My guess from my own personal experience is; 


“A lot leaner and healthier!”


Eating one piece of chocolate each night, quickly turns into a whole block. 


Having a couple of drinks on the weekend, soon turns into frequent benders. 


And eating take-out every now and then, easily turns into an everyday thing. 


If you could reverse these kinds of decisions and bad habits, my guess is that you wouldn’t be asking what the best way to lose weight is.


Because as it turns out; 


The best way to lose weight is doing fewer stupid things. 


No, you don’t need any more special diets or exercise programs, you just need to be a little less stupid every day.


– Michael

P.S. I made a little video about this concept of ‘diet defence’ which you can click >>HERE to watch. I encourage you to share this with your friends and co-workers….Because I can guarantee they too will one day ask what the best way to lose weight is.