Seated Vs Lying Leg Curls – which is better for your hamstrings?

I’ve noticed a few trends over the years when it comes to training the hamstring muscle group.


One of those trends is to not train the hamstrings at all!


…but that is for another day.


One other trend I’ve really noticed, is to favour the lying leg curl machine over the seated version.


What’s the reason for this? 


Is it because the lying leg curl machine is better than the seated one?


I don’t think so.


I believe it’s because people don’t actually understand how the seated version works.


No, I don’t mean how to get into the device and start doing reps.


I mean what effect the seated variation has on the hamstrings and in what way it is different to the lying version?


This is the topic of my latest >>video and I encourage you to check it out if you need stronger hamstrings (which is more than 95% of people).


Knowing the answer is important from a hamstring strength and functionality standpoint.


…but also too from a hamstring injury prevention position.


Click >>HERE for the short video to see exactly what I mean


– Michael

The Puny Hamstring Revolt

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