The Death of Calories 

Have you ever tried to lower your Calories to lose weight, but you were unsuccessful?


As a result, you likely asked yourself “What am I doing wrong?” 


…or worse yet “What’s wrong with me?”  


Every online “expert” will tell you that losing weight is all about creating a “Calorie deficit”


I.e. consuming less Calories than you expend, or expending more Calories than you consume. 


Under this Energy Balance Theory (EBT), this is the only way a person can lose weight and body fat.


I’ve got news for you though – this is nothing more than a theory….and an erroneous one as you will soon learn.




Because weight and body composition change is a function of mass balance – not energy balance. 


Energy does not influence body mass because ENERGY HAS NO MASS


The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures you see of me below are a practical example of the shortcomings of EBT:





Over a period of 8 weeks, I followed two diets of the same “Calories” (2400) for 4 weeks each.


The training program, fluid intake, and all other variables remained the same throughout both periods.


The only difference was the nutrient composition:


For the first 4 weeks, the macronutrient split was 40% Carbs, 30% Protein, and 30% Fat. 


For the second 4 weeks, the macronutrient split was 24% Carbs, 27% protein, and 49% Fat.


📉 The results: 1.5kg total weight loss


💡 Thus, energy balance and “Calories” were NOT an accurate predictor of weight change.


BUT, mass balance was!


How does this work? 


…And how do you keep manipulating nutrient mass to manipulate your weight and body composition further?


To give you a hint, it’s not just about manipulating percentages or having a certain ‘macro split’. 


No, it’s largely about manipulating nutrient mass.


What do I mean by this?


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– Michael

Mass Balance Maverick