The Long Term Fix To Neck Pain

I’m certain that you’ve probably suffered pain and tightness in your neck and shoulders before.

In this part of the body where all the muscles and nerves feed into the head, it can make life quite miserable when you have this issue.

Headaches, knots and tight spots in the muscles, and stiffness and soreness in the neck + upper shoulder region are just some of the prevalent pains and annoyances experienced. 

Not only will these issues with your neck make your movements and your exercise routine harder, but they will also wreak havoc on your sleep and pain sensors – you can literally be reminded for 24 hours of the day and feel drained most of the time.

How do you relieve the headaches, trigger those pressure points, untangle the muscular knots, and get some pain-free movement back in this area?

The common solution for neck and shoulder pain is to massage and stretch this area – you know like how you see below:

Sure, this might work short term and give you temporary relief, however this often doesn’t fix the root problem.

You need to keep constantly massaging and stretching the area as it continually flares up.

So what is the likely cause of you having a tight neck and shoulders with all the problems that come included?

It’s certainly not what (or should I say “where”) you might think….

Just because there is pain and tightness in area, it does not mean that the area is the cause of that pain and tightness – in fact, it’s usually quite the contrary.

In the following short and succinct >>video, I reveal what the most likely cause of your neck and upper trapezius pain is and exactly how you can fix it – quickly and simply!

In less than 60 secs, I will show you precisely what to do so you can start feeling less pain and tightness in your neck, upper back and shoulders, as well how to get better movement and output for your training in the process.

If you’re sick of living with discomfort, and having your neck and shoulders constantly massaged and stretched, then this >>video is for you! 

Click >>HERE to learn the real reason why your neck and shoulders are tight and in pain and what you can do about it.

– Michael

Performance Revolution

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