You’ve probably heard that it’s important to balance your chest exercises like bench press and push ups with enough back exercises like rows and pull ups to balance your upper body training.

You’ve also likely been told to do rotator cuff exercises to either rehab or prehab your shoulders and protect them from injury.

These suggestions are good, however, they are not enough.

In fact, it’s likely you will still develop imbalance and dysfunction around your shoulders and upper body in the midst of doing an equal amount of rows and rotator cuff exercises to your pushing and pressing movements.


In my latest >>video, I reveal the reasons and give you one amazing exercise that can solve all these issues for you.

Yep – this all-in-one exercise is not only good for balancing out your shoulders and upper body, but it’s also great for your posture and the rounded forward, slouched positions we often find ourselves in.

You’re likely missing this key movement and leaving your results on the back burner.

So be sure to click >>HERE and start to level up your upper body training… and avoid looking like a hunchback in the process.

– Michael

Performance Revolution


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