No one talks about this but it’s the biggest killer of your Pull-up gains

Pull-ups and chin-ups are not only a great exercise for your back and biceps, they’re also a symbol of REAL upper body strength 💪


With the keen pursuit of more pull ups and chin ups to ascertain this representation, also comes many mistakes.


If you’ve watched my previous tutorials on pull-ups and chin-ups you should know what most of these are.


However, there is one mistake that is rarely talked about but could be the biggest killer of your gains… not to mention the increased injury risk!


Yes, it’s lurking in every gym and could bite you on the bum at any time if you’re not aware of it.


What is this mistake, why does it matter, and what can you do about it?


Watch my latest sub 60 second >>video to find out.


I will also provide you with practical examples of this mistake so you can not only avoid it (and potential injury), but also start to really feel your back and arm muscles working the way they should during your pull-ups and chin-ups.


If you’re ready to take your upper body training to the next level, then click >>HERE  and avoid this unbeknownst pitfall entirely.


Fixing is arguably the best thing you can do for your pull-ups and chin-ups.


– Michael

3rd Grade Colouring Contest and Chin-up Champion

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