The Simple Method For Getting Your Water Right

Damaging admission: I was wrong about this for years! 

Thinking back, I trashed my body by not supplying it with enough water – after all, 60% of our makeup is water… It’s something you want to get right!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t….

It’s sort of counter-intuitive to most, but you’ll actually burn more body fat, more easily, if you get enough water and cellular hydration…not to mention build muscle easier if that’s the goal.

Water is involved in literally thousands of processes in your body!

Hence, not getting this right made me miss out on a BIG part of the health, body composition and performance results I could have got by getting my water right.

Like most though, I didn’t really know how much was required for my body size, what factors drained my body of water, and what other forms of water came into my body (apart from drinking the straight stuff).

Don’t make the same mistakes I did – instead factor in these things – see below:

If you are struggling with sleep, weight, performance, energy, motivation (or the like), first ask yourself about one of the biggest determining factors – 

“Am I getting in enough water each day?”

If you’re not in the habit, chances are, there are a lot of things suffering. 

Start to fix your water intake using the simple steps below and everything else will get a lot easier 💪

Dwell on this today,
Performance Revolution

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