The Worst Shoulder Exercise We’ve Ever Seen

I’ve been coaching for more than a decade between strength and conditioning and personal training, and during this time I have never seen a shoulder exercise (or for that matter any exercise) performed so wrong by so many people…. And my team of coaches all agree!

In fact, it seems so remarkable that a movement that looks this simple is butchered so often type and has become so egregious to a person’s neck and shoulders.

It would be safe to say that 95% of the people who have come to me for coaching over my career have executed this exercise incorrectly…

And to make matters worse, it’s highly likely you are making these mistakes and putting your own shoulders/neck at risk!

…. Not to mention wasting your time and efforts missing the target muscles and intended results!

What is this seemingly easy yet highly botched exercise?

I’ve made a short and succinct >>video that will outline all the mistakes you need to look for and how to properly perform this great exercise (“great” when executed correctly).

Treat this as your cheat sheet for not cheating on this one.

If you don’t get this exercise right, it will come back to bite you – in one way or another.

It might not hurt now, but I can assure you it will hurt later!

Click >>HERE not to learn which exercise I’m referring to and the one you’re likely doing obliviously wrong.

– Michael

Performance Revolution

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