Think you know pre-workout nutrition? – This is what you’re missing!

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When most people think of pre-workout nutrition they think it is important to have fancy pre-workout supplements and stimulants, rather than focusing on consuming adequate amounts of macronutrients such as carbohydrates and protein – which are essential for muscle growth and recovery.

When you’re building muscle and doing high-intensity strength training, this form of exercise depletes your muscle glycogen and causes muscle breakdown… all the while raising stress hormones in your body such as cortisol.

The longer it takes for these catabolic processes to be reversed (i.e., for you to recover), the worse your results will naturally be.

So to get yourself into an anabolic or muscle-building state as quickly as
possible, adequate-protein is required to be on hand for repair, along with
carbohydrates which are required to replace the muscle glycogen that is
depleted during your training.

Now this is the bit a lot of people miss about carbohydrates – carbs are
important around training time because they also help to shuttle other
essential nutrients such as protein and amino acids to your damaged muscles for growth and repair.

As previously alluded to, the fastest way to get into an anabolic or muscle building state, is to have adequate amounts of carbs and protein in your system ready and waiting BEFORE muscle breakdown starts to occur.

Most studies indicate that muscle repair and protein synthesis is far greater
when protein and carbs are consumed pre workout, as opposed to only being consumed in the post-workout window of time – so be sure to get adequate amounts both before and after training.

Now that you know why you need adequate pre-workout nutrition, you’re
probably wondering which particular carbohydrates and protein sources work best around this time?

Well, the jury is out on which exact foods are best for each individual person pre workout. But generally speaking, easily digestible proteins such as whey protein are recommended, and simple carb sources rather than complex carb sources work best.

When it comes to pre-workout solutions, a Performance Revolution favourite is dextrose or Gatorade powder mixed with whey protein in water and consumed within the 15 minutes prior to training.

As far how much protein and carbohydrate should be consumed pre workout, we recommend the following quantities based on this research-backed formula:

There you have it – that is the right mixture of nutrients to take pre workout to optimise your muscle growth and recovery, with the added bonus of increasing your strength and power!

Now make sure you have adequate amounts of carbohydrates and protein in your system prior to training and don’t treat strength training and high-intensity exercise like fasted cardio. Otherwise, you will negate all the benefits previously outlined and cause excess damage to your muscles, your body and ultimately your results.

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