Tight and Stiff Upper Back – Try This!

I have a quick and effective exercise you can do to IMMEDIATELY mobilise a stiff and tight upper back and relieve your associated discomfort.


In fact, I’ve even given you four progressions of this exercise so you can continue to iron out your kyphotic rounded forward postures and start seeing some pain relief in your upper back.


Check them out >>HERE


Not only will you get rid of some unwarranted and pain and stiffness with these, but you will also greatly improve your upper body exercises in the gym.


I actually like to refer to this as “self-chiro” and it literally only takes a few minutes out of your day!

Again, click >>HERE to loosen your upper back and augment the hunchback you’re likely developing from your day-to-day postures


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you’ve got a stiff neck, rolled shoulders, an accentuated spine, or your workouts simply aren’t working for you right now, then here’s my number – +61404921125 – message me and let’s dissect what’s going on and get you progressing nicely again – pain-free! 👍