Unconventional Core, Calves, and Hamstrings Workout

Let me ask you something – What is your favourite pair of pants?


It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me (even if they do have pink polka dots all over them…).


I just want you to keep your favourite pants in mind for a moment.


Now, I’m going to make one guess about your pants – they’re not short.


I was right wasn’t I?


My clairvoyance aside, how could I know this?


Short pants reveal a trouble area for boys and girls alike – the legs.


Not only are aesthetically pleasing legs challenging to develop, for most they are the source of many weak muscle groups that don’t get enough attention. 


Most women believe it’s their butt that is the weak point of their lower half….while most guys believe it’s their quads.


I’m here to tell you that most boys and girls alike are wrong!


In my experience, it’s the hamstrings and calves that are the truly weak areas on most peoples’ lower halves.


To prove this to you, how often do you come across a great looking physique and notice a great calves or hamstrings that really stand out?


I bet it’s not very often.

The problem with under-developed hamstrings and calves is that the more you neglect these areas, the more they detract from the other areas you ARE giving attention to (the glutes and quads). 

My latest workout should help fix this situation though (as it has been doing so for me). 

Not only will this routine challenge your calves and hamstrings in unconventional ways, but it will also address the other Gorilla in the room – your core! 

Click >>HERE for the full workout routine and short >>60 sec video demo clip.

…Lest you be caught with your pants down (figurately and literally).

– Michael

Puny Pants Protector

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