Work Wonders with This Modern Medicine

If you’re unaware, I tore a tendon in my shoulder late last year.


This is why you may have noticed very few upper body exercises in my content in recent months.


And as you can gather, the healing process has been quite slow. 


I’ve had follow-up scans on the shoulder at the 6-7 month mark of recovery.


During this time, the tear had only half healed and gone from a 7x8mm tear to a 3x4mm tear. 


HOWEVER, in the space of the last month or so, I decided to do something I usually don’t do.


I decided to gamble on a magic pill so to speak.


That’s right – a panacea for my pains.


At first, I was VERY sceptical and thought the product was a bit hocus-pocus.


BUT I also thought to myself; “what do I have to lose?”


(The answer to that question is $90 for one month’s supply of this product lol).


To my delightful surprise, within a month of taking this product, my shoulder felt FAR better


In fact, I thought it may have been a placebo and too good to be true.


I even decided to have another follow up scan within a month of the last one to see if I was being delusional.


To my shock though, the scan concurred with my initial thoughts.


It revealed that my tendon tear had completely scarred over! 


This was awesome news of course! 


I promptly went back to the physio and got the “all clear” to start loading the shoulder again.


It was a great feeling to finally start training somewhat properly on the shoulder again.  


And for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling more upbeat about my body and my training again.


I’ve sorely missed working on the upper body exercises I love.


Exercises like handstands, back bridges, dips, and levers are now all back in my program again.


I’m building these up again progressively and couldn’t be happier!


So what is this amazing product I used (and still use)? 


Is it a powerful drug?


A secret elixir? 


A crazy therapy treatment?


No, it’s none of the above (not even close).


It’s a natural product – an oral capsule that is derived from algae (of all things).


It works by helping your body release its own natural adult stem cells from the bone marrow.


As we age, our body’s ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health decreases.


This is largely due to a reduction in the number of circulating stem cells.


This is a natural association with the normal aging process. 


Releasing more stem cells from our body with a product like the one I used means a reversal of this process.


Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells that multiply by cell division.


This means they can replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. 


Essentially, they can become any type of cell; skin, bone, muscle, liver, heart, lung, and connective tissue for example.


Another great side perk I noticed too from taking this product is that I am nowhere near as sore from DOMS.


…Not to mention as achy in my joints in the days after training.


For this latter fact alone I’m going to keep taking this product past my injury.


Anyway, I’m telling you all this because I know that injuries and health problems suck.


If you’re suffering as I was, I trust this stem cell product can help you as much it has for me. 


If you’re curious to learn more about how this product (StemEnhance Ultra) works and the research behind it, click the following link and DYOR  >>StemEnhance Ultra (you may need to open the above link twice in your browser for items to appear)


If you happened to be interested in various products on the same page, for full disclosure I do earn a commission on some of them (e.g. Plasma Flo and Collagen Activ). 


Oh, and if you’re curious about where I’m currently up to with my upper body training, you can check out my latest workout to follow >>HERE.


Have a pain-free day,