Video: False Food Label Claims

If you’re not aware, food manufacturers can write just about anything on a packet of food these days.

These manufacturers are good at marketing messages and know all too well that most people have a basic understanding of nutrition and/or don’t know what they should actually be looking for on a food label.

Why does this matter?

Well apart from false appearances that seem real (yep you’re likely getting screwed!), most of these foods are TERRIBLE for your health and waistline.

You think you’re getting one thing, but often you’re getting the complete opposite of what you want.

Oh and to top it off you’re emptying your wallet for something that’s likely WORSE for you than it is better!…despite your best discernment.

What’s the solution to both recognising these tactics as well as avoiding these false food label claims?

In this >>video we’ll show you how to pick out the good foods from the bad, and really know what you’re putting into your shopping cart.

In fact, one simple trick will save you both loads of time and inches on your waistline.

Click >>HERE to uncover the most prevalent and misleading food labels claims along with what they actually mean.

Everyone seems to question everything these days so we figured that it should be no different then to have you start questioning what you shove into your shopping trolley and ultimately into your body.

Stop falling prey to the whimsical and wild claims on food packets – watch this >>video now and learn how to implement some easy strategies to save you your money, your waistline, and your health.

Again, click >> HERE to watch this really relevant video.

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