Video: How To Prevent And Train Around Injuries

If you train long enough, and you’re pushing yourself hard enough, it is inevitable that you will encounter injuries at some point. 

Some can be small overuse issues that heal in a couple of weeks, while others can be major injuries that take lots of time to recover from.

No matter how big or small your injuries are though, they do need to be addressed when they develop. 

Injuries are extremely frustrating and can really derail your progress… if you let them!

Being injured requires both a train-smart and a train hard approach – you need to take injuries and recovery seriously, while also take training around and not ON your injuries seriously as well.

This means that just because you can’t do the things you like to do, that you need to be a delicate little flower petal and avoid training entirely. 

….and it also doesn’t mean that you should be stupid and ignore your injuries and pains altogether either.

In this >>video we’ll show you how you can minimise your chances of injury in the first place, and then give you some practical principles for training around any current injuries you have and still make good progress in the meantime. (In fact one method we use causes a 30-40% increase in strength without even using the injured area!)

Click >>HERE to discover how to prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring, as well as gain some practical insight for training around these frustrations when they do occur.

Don’t fall victim to your injuries and get further behind with your recovery.

Implement the top strategies outlined in this >> video and start making progress regardless of whatever injury you have (or have had).

Do you have a particular injury (past or present) that you feel is limiting your performance and ultimately your results?

Then reach out to us with your struggles – don’t put your head in the sand and give up. There are MANY ways to work around most injuries and there are many people JUST LIKE YOU who can testify to results regardless.

Our team here at Performance Revolution treat all injuries on their merits and take getting back into shape safely and effectively very seriously (we will do everything we can to help you across the goal line!)

Simply reach out to one of our expert coaches today via the form below if you’re serious about overcoming your injuries and achieving amazing results for yourself.