Video: How to warm for weight training – properly!

Most of us know we should warm up for exercise. Unfortunately, many people apply the same warmup to every type of exercise and don’t treat each activity on its own merits.

Yes everyone should be warming up before weights, but unless your quite cold and stiff, warming up with cardio and getting on a treadmill or bike before a strength session is a complete waste of time and it won’t protect you from injury or increase your performance.

In this video, you will learn what you should and should not be doing in your warm-up.

The problem most people have with warmups is specificity. They’re doing too much random or fancy crap and not warming up the specific exercises they’re going to do in their main workout.

This means their warmup is futile for preventing injuries and increasing performance – making it a big waste of time!

So what makes a good warm up? Well the answer to that question depends on what you’re warming up for! In this video you will learn the two different types of warmups and how to avoid getting it all wrong:

A warmup done right, greatly enhances output during a session and prevents injuries. A warmup done wrong can leave you worse than if you did none at all.

Stop wasting your time and start being proficient and effective you’re your warm-ups.

Click >>HERE for the video and learn how to warm up for weight training properly!

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