Video No.2 – Quick Upper Body Strength Warm Up + Posture Routine

If you tried our first upper body mobility and stability routine, then you will love this one!

If you struggle with preparing your upper body properly for strength sessions, or you simply want to protect your shoulders from injuries, then this routine is your answer!  

Stop wasting time with cardio or 101 warm up exercises before your training sessions – start doing the specific and target exercises that you need for your weak points! 

And if you live in this limited mobility day and age, you will have some weak points indeed! 

Poor, static postures have enough problems of their own – let alone bringing these into the gym and compounding the problems! 

No, it’s not your fault that your boss makes you sit at a desk like a part of the furniture. 

However, it is your fault if you don’t do anything about the negative side effects this can bring.

Yes, it’s confusing when there is such a huge mixture of rehab and prehab exercises out there pushed by various health professionals – we don’t deny that.

We do deny though that this should be an excuse. 

The absolute worst thing you can do is nothing!

Motion is lotion and if you keep stiff enough in certain postures and positions, they will eventually break you!

Do yourself a favour – invest 5 minutes of your time on yourself by doing the following routine:

You be the judge whether this routine makes you feel better and move better.

This routine is quick and simple – cutting through all the nonsense and clutter most people put within their warmups and day to day exercises… 

If you’re tired and frustrated of getting hurt, wasting time, or simply looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, then the following upper body mobility and stability routine is for you! 

It’s quick, effective and to the point!

Give it a try today and get your upper body and shoulders feeling amazing!

Click >>HERE for the short routine. 

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