Video: Quick Upper Body Strength Warm Up + Posture Routine

Do you struggle to know what to do to properly prepare your upper body for a strength session?

Are you unsure of how to protect your shoulders from injury in the weights room?

Do you seem to waste time doing 101 warm up exercises without really knowing which one’s work and which one’s don’t?

And how about your posture – do you find yourself slipping into bad positions regularly?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we can’t blame you!

It’s so confusing when there is such a huge mixture of rehab and prehab exercises out there pushed by coaches, physios, trainers, and many other health professionals.

And if that’s not enough, you seem to do more time with age warming up, than you do actually working out!

The frustration grows even stronger when you still manage to injure or tweak something in the gym.

We hear your pains! This is exactly why we developed the following upper body mobility and stability routine!

After years of growing our knowledge base, trial and error, we have compiled the most effective exercises for priming the upper body and preventing shoulder injuries.

These routines are quick and simple too – cutting through all the nonsense… and those desk jockey postures as well!

If you’re tired and frustrated of getting hurt, wasting time, or simply looking like a medieval church bell ringer, then the following upper body mobility and stability routine is for you! 

It’s quick, effective and to the point!

Give it a go today and get your upper back and shoulders feeling great!

Click >>HERE for the quick routine.

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