Video: Shoulders & Arms Phase 1 Workout

Having trouble getting stronger, more muscular, and defined shoulders & arms?

Chances are you either ‘wing’ your workouts, or you do not go into the gym with progressive plan for these areas.

You wander around the gym aimlessly wondering which exercise to do or which machine isn’t taken… all the while soaking up valuable time! 

It’s not your fault though. These body parts are really misunderstood and most training advice for these areas leads to suffering joints, under-stimulated muscles, and asymmetrical looking upper limbs.

…Not to mention lack of warm up protocols, time wasting and bad exercise pairing – heck not all of us have fully fitted private gyms in our basements!

But we hear you!

This is exactly why we created the shoulders & arms program guide and workout videos:

These workouts take away all the guess work for you. 

They are scientifically designed and based on YEARS of experimentation and results!

Workouts you can take straight to the gym, execute efficiently, and see your upper limbs develop with right away!

Stop wandering around the gym aimlessly…or worse yet not working out at all! Watch our latest workout video, take it to the gym, and start building stronger and more defined shoulders and arms today 💪

Click >>HERE for the workout video.

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