Video: Shoulders & Arms Phase 2 Complete Workout

Shirt muscles aren’t strong or showing through? Chances are your shoulder and arm training is plateauing….AND you have not tried our Shoulders & Arms workouts to fix this!

Getting a great set of strong, muscular and defined shoulders doesn’t come about without the right mix of exercises and training protocols.

A smart and systematic approach to training your shoulders employs both overall development and AND injury prevention… and the same can be said for your arms to a degree.

If you’re not happy with these body parts and they’re feeling weak, sloppy, or even painful, then you will need to do more than just wander around the gym while aimlessly trying novel exercises. 

You will need a good progressive plan for these areas that doesn’t soak up your valuable time or get you hurt.

This is exactly why we created the shoulders & arms program guide and workout videos:

In this second phase of the Shoulders & Arms program, we will help you to make good use of your shirtsleeve space with our proven method and effective selection of upper limb exercises.

These workouts will give you balanced strength and equal proportioning in your shoulders and arms in a time efficient and easy to follow format – taking away all the frustration you usually encounter with your workouts.  

We have designed these workouts so they can be taken straight to the gym and implemented as quickly as humanly possible so you can start to see your upper limbs develop from the outset!Stop going nowhere with your training – watch our latest phase 2 workout video, take it to the gym, and start building stronger and more defined shoulders and arms today 💪

Click >>HERE for the complete workout video.

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