Video: Shoulders & Arms Phase 4 Complete Workout

In this latest Phase 4 Workout, we will bust out your shirtsleeves with some guns-blazing, vein-popping, all-out assault exercises for your Shoulders & Arms. 

If you have been having trouble getting stronger, more muscular, more defined shoulders and arms, then this workout will put you well and truly on the right path 💪

We put our tweaks on some conventional and not-so conventional exercises to put every ounce of tension into your upper limbs as possible. 

Our concise technique tips will show you how to do your exercises in the best way possible to maximise your time and efforts in the gym.

Stop going into the gym on a whim with a faulty plan, bad exercise pairing, and the same-old-same results routine.

Make this Phase 4 workout your next one and FEEL the difference!

These workouts are based on time-tested, proven programming and results where we get rid of all the guesswork.

Take this workout plan with you to the gym and start seeing what your upper limbs have been missing all this time!

Click >>HERE for the workout video and start building stronger, more muscular, and defined shoulders and arms today!

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