Video: Shoulders & Arms Phase 5 Complete Workout

Welcome to the >>Phase 5 Workout – where things start to get one-sided and weightier, but you get noticeably balanced and stronger 💪

How? Let me explain…

Most people are fixated on training both limbs concurrently when doing most of their exercises in the gym – squats, bench press, etc. 

This means that they usually have no way of recognising which side of their body is stronger/weaker (and yes, we all have these)!

To become stronger, you must first recognise where you’re weak. And one of the best ways to find this out is through single limb training.

Not only will you discover which side unknowingly might be contributing the most to your dual limb exercises, but you will also soon find out how much stability and control you’re lacking and where your next potential injury is likely coming from.

This >>Phase 5 Workout will help you rectify your susceptibility to these issues with its abundance of highly effective single limb shoulder + arm exercises.

The only seemingly paradoxical caveat is that you will have to go lighter to get stronger and drop your ego to build more confidence.

Remember that the most useless body is an injured one and that the single strangest things are those that are lop-sided. 

Yes, you will still get a hard-ass workout and a good feel of your shoulders and arms doing this workout – as long as you make sure you are humble enough to do it properly.

Give this >>Phase 5 Workout a turn today to not only create more noticeable upper limbs (in a good way), but to also SEE what you have likely been missing in your training! 

Click >>HERE for the workout video and start building stronger, more muscular, and symmetrical shoulders and arms today!

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