Video: The 10 Best Fats To Eat To Burn Body Fat, Build Lean Muscle, and Maximise Performance

Yes, you should be having fat in your diet – However, where you get it from makes a big difference to your body composition, your health, and your performance. 

In this >>video, you’re going to discover the 10 best fat sources for burning fat, building lean muscle, and bettering your health.

It’s very likely that you aren’t getting the fats in your diet from the best sources either.

Fats are responsible for thousands of processes in your body. Instead of guessing whether you’re getting the best sources of fat with the best nutrients, in this >>video you will discover all the right ones you need and why.

In this video you will learn:

  • The Top 10 Fat Sources to eat for lean body composition, health, and performance and why we ranked them so (you are likely missing a lot of these!)
  • The hormonal importance of fat and which ones are best for you metabolically (you need to know this)
  • The two essential fatty acids that you’re likely missing (this might shock you!)
  • The micronutrients in various fat sources and their contribution to building muscle and burning fat (this will make you rethink fats entirely!)

If you’re unsure about fats and which ones you need, then make sure you watch this video in its entirety so you can discover which dietary fats are superior, and why all fats are not created equal.

Take on board the info in this video and you’ll not only make better fat and food choices for optimal body composition, but you will also do your overall performance and health wonders too! 

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