Video: The One Percent and Why You Struggle To Be In Great Shape

You’re probably no stranger to the typical approach to goal getting and self-improvement – set a large goal, take giant leaps forwards, and get there in as little timeframe as possible.

Although noble and well-intended, the truth is that most of us often miss this mark – and by a LONG way!

Today we want to share with you an alternative that is far simpler, but on the flip side far more effective longer term. 

In practicality, this approach is 37x better (seriously) for busy modern people like us:

It’s likely you’re shooting yourself in the foot right now and that you are missing the mark with your longer-term results and progress.

Don’t fall victim to the common goal setting & getting approach – watch this >>video now and start making predictably good progress with your fitness goals whilst saving yourself from all the tyre-kicking.

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