Video: Top 10 Protein Sources for Building and Maintaining Muscle

Did you know that it’s HIGHLY likely you’re not getting enough protein in your diet?

It’s even more likely that you aren’t getting what you do have from the best sources either.

Protein is extremely important for growth, repair, maintaining lean body composition and a host of other benefits.

Unlike dietary fats and carbs, protein cannot be stored as body fat for energy utilisation later on.

It needs to be topped up regularly to avoid malnutrition, poor recovery, and a host of other problems.

Muscle tears and strains, frayed hair and frail fingernails are all signs of protein malnourishment.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about how protein works and even less about which foods are the best sources and in what portions.

And if you are eating vegetarian sources, it becomes even harder as you need to match up non-essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) with other complimentary protein foods for protein to be even absorbed!

Instead of guessing whether you’re getting the best protein sources and which ones contain the best nutrients, discover the top 10 protein sources for both building and maintaining lean muscle mass in this latest video! 

In this video you will find out:

  • My Top 10 Protein Sources and why I ranked them so (some you are likely missing!)
  • The key ingredient for building and maintaining lean muscle (and which foods have the highest concentrations)
  • Animal vs Plant proteins (this might shock you!)
  • Why you should have a variety of protein sources (you definitely need to know this!)

Watch this video now to get a tonne of insight on the best protein sources and have a ready list you can start shopping with RIGHT NOW to start building and repairing your body optimally! 

Take on board the info in this video and you’ll not only make better protein and food choices for optimal body composition, you will also do your overall performance and health wonders! 

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