Better Quads WITHOUT Machine Leg Extensions

There are some things that are given more prominence than they should.


….Things that people often resort to but that are not a necessity.


Although they can assist us in what we’re trying to do, often we rely upon them too much.


Furthermore, we can actually live without such things.


Avocado slicers, smart water bottles, and banana holders are some good examples that come to mind.


If you own any of these, one day you may reflect back on the stuff you have managed to pay good money for :/


This thought trajectory is not limited to novel kitchen or smart gadgets either.


When it comes to getting in shape and developing our bodies, we often get fixated on particular exercises.


Even though these exercises may be very effective, they can also be very trendy.


Often, we get locked into a mindset of thinking that trendy exercises are necessities.


…forgetting to realise that there are often alternatives.  


Alternatives that can actually be more effective.


Today I’m going to provide you with one such alternative to a very popular machine exercise.


This machine is relied upon way too much and people panic when they can’t access it.


This is like the owner of a lost avocado slicer who forgets that there is such a thing as a knife! (you make me sick btw)


So stop what you’re doing, put down the smart water bottle, and check out my latest >>video


…Lest you and your training needlessly become obsolete.


Oh and so you know, this popular exercise alternative is arguably more effective too. 


Click >>HERE for the 60 second video to see what I mean.


Smart Goods Schismatic

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