What Happens When You Only Eat Protein?

Whether you’re trying to get leaner or muscular, we’re often told to eat more protein.


Yep, protein preachers are everywhere.


Heck, even I’m a devout protein advocate who’s always telling clients that they need more.


…especially if they’re doing strength training!


But I received an interesting question about protein from a client recently.


A question that deserved answering with a >>video in fact.


The client’s question was:


“Michael, if protein is so good, what happens when you eat just protein and no fat or carbs?”


If protein indeed helps a person get leaner, recover properly, and build muscle, then what happens if you have a diet that’s solely protein?


Do you get even leaner?


Do you get more muscular?


Do you recover a lot better?


I made a sub 60 second video to answer these burning questions about protein.


…and the answers will surprise you.


In fact, if you’ve been trying to get leaner, stronger, and more muscular, you should watch this >>video


In doing so, you will understand what protein really is.


You’ll discover how it’s structurally different from other macronutrients like carbs and fat.


…and what implications a protein-only diet has for your body AND your health.


Click >>HERE for the concise video


– Michael

Protein Proponent 

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