A Better Way To Eat Kale

If you’re like me, you might appreciate kale for its health benefits, but you likely won’t appreciate the taste (if you do, that’s a bonus!)

Either way, like it or hate it, below is a >>recipe that will give you plenty of this superfood…all while hiding most of the taste!

In this latest >>Recipe put together by our team Dietitian Sammii, we deliver you not only an easy to prepare soup that takes little time, we also give you one that is packed full of the following to help you in your quest for a lean body – It contains the following:

✅ Lots of veggies (including my not so favourite kale)

✅ Plenty of Lean Protein

✅ Fibrous Carbs

✅ An array of healthy herbs and micronutrients


Oh and it’s also vegan for those of you who are that way inclined!

We have also put this recipe into a super quick >>30 sec video to show you how easy it is to prepare a batch.

Click >>HERE to check it out now.

Give it a go and start building your body better with this simple and tasty, lean body meal.


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Does it feel like you’re eating healthy but you’re still struggling to move your weight or stubborn body fat? It might surprise you but eating healthy is not the same as eating to be leaner. So where does what you’re currently eating fit into your body composition goals? To find out, we will need to answer a few simple questions first – simply send us a message in the box below and we will happily send you some key questions and provide you with some clarity about how to get results with your nutrition…so you’re not spinning your wheels anymore💪