Why Weights And Cables Are Better Than Bands

What I’m about to say may surprise you – I’m not the biggest fan of bands.


I have drifted away from band-based exercises a lot with time.


They have some application in training, but for the most part bands are overused. 


This is especially true when it comes to shoulder rehab and booty exercises.


There is a distinct difference between doing exercises with bands, instead of with cables or free weights.


What is it?


It’s likely not what you think…


No, it’s not the different burning sensations you feel.


And no, it’s not the laceration potential and safety aspect of bands.


…though that is another reason why I prefer cables and free weights.


No, it’s the difference in training effect and technique that bands impose on you.


Most people using bands have no idea of the detriment these stretchy things can have.


Bands can make good technique harder in a lot of instances.


When not used in the right way, bands can also have a negative impact on function and performance.




See my latest sub 60 sec >>video for exactly what I mean.


Click >>HERE to see the clip.


It includes some common exercise examples where many people go wrong.


Don’t get caught up with the crowd.


– Michael

Band Bigot 

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